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anyone want.....

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heard what?

Edans tongue & I want my kid back damnit!

 Edans tongue is weird, its got a split at the tip. It's always been this way. From my internets reading it could either be tounge-tie or cleft lip.  He has his well-baby apointment next month, and I am going to point it out to his doctor, beacuse if it is a cleft tounge it could be indicative to other unseen problems. I think its likely just tounge-tie, however.

   My in-laws took Elyse for what was suposed to be a day or two. Its been five days. They were suposed to bring her back yesterday, and didnt, even after I offered over and over to go pick her up. Today suposedly they are bringing her back, and if they flake again Kurt is getting her after work. Hes livid about this, beacuse Elyse keeps asking to come home on the phone, and I keep offering to go get her, and they say "no no we will do it" and then never do.
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And then....

Ever see Run Lola, Run? I love that movie. I need me some Lola icons.

   Latley knitting has been boring unless some sort of complicated chart is involved. I think that mabey quallifies as maschochism, but whos counting, right?

 Coffee  is the stuff of gods, really.

What religion are you? Curious minds want to know. Tell me, no flaming each other though, it will piss me off. We are all adults here, act like it.

 What forgin films do you like? gimmie some to netflix.
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Edan is pulling himself up to stand now. If only I could figure out how to get the pictures off of my phone I would post them. I think Kurt can do it though!